Velvety and matte finish, high coverage, uniforms the complexion.
Quick drying.


Enriched with precious plant active ingredients such as sage hydrolate *, vegetable glycerin *, argan oil *, shea butter *, tocopherol and red vine extract, with anti-age properties, protects the face from agents atmospheric and slows the appearance of the signs of time.

Thanks to the presence of corn starch and silica SUBLIME bio foundation has a good absorbing effect, regularizes excess sebum.
* bio

Sublime is a Bio Foundation certified by CCPB, Nickel tested, Vegan OK.


How to use:
Choose the tone of the foundation most suited to the complexion using the color of the neck as a reference point.

After spreading the PRIMER, take a small amount of product with the brush n. 03 or the slightly damp Blender sponge, spread it, area by area, evenly on the face, neck and décolleté.

The dry skin will use SUBLIME with satisfaction after having laid out our PRIMER for dry skin and applying it with the wet BLENDER sponge and / or our brush 03 steamed with water.

For oily skins we recommend applying it after PRIMER for oily skin, with the brush n. 03, fixing it all with the INDISSOLUBLE powder

In case of mixed skin, apply both PRIMER according to the type of skin of the area of the face, and proceed with the drafting of SUBLIME foundation according to the most comfortable method.


Main ingredients:
 Corn Starch, Shea Butter, Red Vine Extract, Sage Hydroalalate, Argan Oil, Silica, Tocopherol