Make-up and BIO Skincare, all Made in Italy!

puroBIO cosmetics is the Made in Italy Brand, with the widest and most varied range of BIO and 100% natural Make-up products.

Our mission is: we want to allow everyone to put make-up without putting skin health at risk.

Our products are characterized by the absence of parabens, silicones and preservatives, so as to obtain a 100% natural product.

We have chosen to add 3 other types of certifications to the BIO certification of CCPB:

Present on most of our products, it guarantees the absence of ingredients of animal origin.

Present on most of our products, it represents our desire to keep under control the presence of this heavy metal within the products, aligning them with national guidelines.

Present on 100% of our products. Certify the absence of any animal tests. puroBIO is 100% a Cruelty Free Brand.

The goal is: the customer is always satisfied.



The certification present on all our products
Control and certification represent the main activity of CCPB srl. The search for quality, credibility, the increase in added value and innovation are always the aspects that have inspired and supported CCPB. A work always in favor of production systems that believe in inspection and certification as an element of qualification of their services and products. www.ccpb.it


Because it is possible to respect animals
The Vegan Ok team carries out an ethical evaluation of the company before granting certification to their products. Furthermore, a check is made on the labels of the products before they are placed on the market. The company undertakes to respect in all its parts the Vegan Ok disciplinary developed under the supervision of the Ethical and Scientific Committee of the Italian Vegan Association Onlus.

Nickel Tested

The freedom to put make-up without risk
Nickel in particularly sensitive people can cause allergy, which occurs on exposed areas of the skin. The Tested Nickel Badge shows that traces of nickel have been analyzed.

PETA Cruelty Free

PETA believes that certain fundamental rights must be guaranteed to animals. PETA certifies the companies included in its lists are absolutely Cruelty Free.