COURAGE Fragrance

Ylang Ylang / Vetiver / Amber, Coconut, Vanilla
Characteristics of the Fragrance
Courage, but also heart and intellect, this is what this fragrance is made of.
The floral note of the ylang ylang gives the composition that initial push, the spark that triggers the creative process, intuition that then takes shape with the arrival of the vetiver and that becomes solid and resistant thanks to the hardness of amber, coconut and vanilla.
Olfactory Pyramid:
Courage is a thick and penetrating but cozy fragrance.
He welcomes us with the floral notes of Incense and Ylang Ylang, becomes penetrating and full-bodied thanks to Vetiver and the notes of Patchouly and softens in duration leaving room for Amber, Coconut and Vanilla.
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