ENERGY Fragrance

Sweet Orange and Cinnamon / Vanilla Berries
Characteristics of the Fragrance
The strength and vitality that sustains the body and the mind, that’s what energy is.
This fragrance promotes a sense of general well-being thanks to the amplification of emotional energy.
Sweet orange and cinnamon combined to stimulate the immune system and mood, and stimulate the gluttony of our soul. Vanilla berries as a final note, to give roundness to the fragrance.

 Olfactory pyramid:
Energy is a simple and decisive fragrance as simple and defined are its clear and unmistakable olfactory notes, that will accompany us in a small tour of the world.
The well-known capital will take you into a lush Sicilian orange grove while the heart will send you directly to the cinnamon plantations of the island of Ceylon in Sri Lanka and then conclude the trip to Madagascar pampered by the base notes of the Vanilla Berries.
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