DIVINE Fragrance

Vetiver / Sandalwood

Characteristics of the Fragrance

The scent of serenity, meditation and wisdom.The union of body and soul, warm and cold, perfect balance between physical and spiritual energies.
The citrus notes accompanied by peppermint give air to the male body of this fragrance.
The cedar has always been a symbol of longevity and majesty that accompanies us towards the final notes with the touch of the elegant vetiver, the strong character of the oud and the spiritual cleanliness evoked by sandalwood.

 Olfactory Pyramid:
Divine is a barefoot walk in a forest.
Citrus and Mint distinguish the capital notes that then give way to a flowery meadow of Lavender and Viola, to get to the base notes woody, classic and always pleasant as the Vetiver, Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Oud.
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