PURE Fragrance

Green Tea

Characteristics of the Fragrance

A summer walk in the shade of a citrus grove, a light fresh breeze of mint that comforts the soul, and thoughts thanks to the exotic green tea set sail in the unknown.
Its solar aroma has the power to temper the spirits and to encourage self-confidence.
The vital strength of this fragrance comes immediately and involves us in a blaze of freshness.

 Olfactory pyramid:
Citrus, Flowers, Wood.
They are the essential elements of both a beautiful Mediterranean landscape and Pure Fragrance.
The top notes are characterized by fresh citrus fruits such as orange, cedar, bergamot.
Only afterwards will emerge the true nature of this fragrance the floral one of The Green and the Orange Flowers.
The Green that will prepare the environment for the most woody and persistent base notes of Amber and Vetiver.
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