DERMANATURA introduction

Dermanatura, the brand of the new cosmetic line, was born from the will and experience of chemical-pharmaceutical professionals, doctors, nutritionists and beauticians, despite having different but complementary professional experiences, has only one vision by deciding to raise awareness of a new awareness, characterized from specialized courses, from continuous training programs, from honesty, seriousness, availability and effectiveness, guaranteeing the highest professionalism to the professionals.

The team of experts allows the staff of the institutes to characterize the most appropriate treatments for their clients. The staff of the institutes will be trained and followed by a team of experts, who will periodically communicate the news in the medical-aesthetic sector.

The experiences that compete with the team have made it possible to formulate and market new generation cosmeceutical products.

Cosmeceuticals contain the most sought-after ingredients extracted from officinal plants, grown with a bio-dynamic method, certifying the absence of toxic products such as pesticides, silicones, parabens, synthetic surfactants and petroleum derivatives.