Sublime Drop Foundation | 14 Shades |

A very light and ultra fluid foundation for those who want a second skin effect for a flawless, delicate, luminous complexion in a perfect word!

Sublime Drop Foundation is light as water!

It is ultra comfortable on the skin moisturizing and nourishing in depth thanks to the extracts of Argan, moringa and eperua with the very high antioxidant power.

This foundation is also enriched by Anti-pollution, an innovative technology that thanks to the highest quality ingredients, protects the skin from polluting agents.

Thanks to its light texture, this ultra-fine foundation blends with the natural color of your skin.

The integrated applicator allows a drop by drop application on the whole face.

A dose of the pipette is sufficient to make up the whole face.

The product is Nickel tested, vegan Ok and is certified organic by ccpb.

Available in 14 shades:

What is the undertone?

The undertone of our skin is the basic shade of the skin; generally it is cold, warm or neutral.

The skin has a tone and a undertone:

The tone is the most external and superficial;

The undertone is the background color of the skin.

Skin tone varies with depending on internal and external factors such as seasonality (eg tanning), health or age.

The undertone, on the other hand does not change, remains unchanged and is completely disconnected from the tone.

In the “creation” phase of a product, it is possible to go into even more detail, deciding to turn the various undertones towards some shades or other shades.

As can be seen from the table below, in our line are 4 types of undertones:


Mode of use:
Apply a few drops directly on the face or on the back of the hand. Spread evenly on the face with your hands, the brush or the wet blender sponge.

For extra durability, we recommend fixing the base with INDISSOLUBLE Silky Powder, or INDISSOLUBLE compact face powder.



Main Ingredients:
 Hamamelis hydrolate, sage hydrolate, mica, silica, tocopherol, argan extract, eperua extract, moringa extract.