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After the organic make-up, we have chosen to give life to another project always based on organic and natural ingredients.

puroBIO home was born with the same principles and presupposition as the products of the “cosmetics” line and above all by the desire to fill a void within the world of bio, offering a new way of perfuming our homes, our offices and all the places where we spend a lot of time.

puroBIO home is a line of home fragrances consisting of three types of products: fragrance diffusers, parfumed candles and parfumed soaps with bamboo fiber soap holder.

The puroBIO room air fresheners, available in 7 different fragrances, are the first stick diffusers on the market to contain fragrances made entirely of organic ingredients certified by CCPB.

Even the parfumed candles is composed only of certified organic oils and waxes.

The wax of the candles of puroBIO Home line is composed of a mix of natural waxes which includes: Alba wax, coconut oil wax, palm oil wax and carnauba wax.

As with the fragrance diffusers, the fragrances of the 8 candles are also completely organic and certified.

To complete the Home line there are 5 Organic Soaps with the relative bamboo fiber soap holder.