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  A particular essence, a stylish accessory, a dedicated environment.

Many ideas, fragrances and shapes for suggestive proposals of perfumers and essences that allow you to decorate and perfume your world by responding to the inspirations of each of your spaces and your way of being.

Spread your personality in the air.

Our goal is to recommend the right fragrance for each environment and activity - respecting the area, furnishings and tastes of the person.

Choosing an ambient fragrance is as important as choosing a personal perfume: in that fragrance we will recognize each other and all the people who have the pleasure of frequenting our homes and offices will recognize us.

The best way to select the right bottle size is to start from the size of the room you want to perfume:

250ml> 8-10 m2 *
500ml> 20-25 m2 *

The use of large formats of 1000 ml and 3000 ml, certainly suitable for environments that tend to be larger than 30 square meters *, in addition to guaranteeing an effective fragrance, represents a real piece of furniture.