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CERTIFICATION OF FRAGRANCES OF BIOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENT because this certification did not exist. CCPB has created this certification for puroBio by developing a new test and verification protocol to be able to certify our Fragrance Diffusers and our Candles. With this certificate we assure you that all the substances that are made our new products are absolutely natural,  organic and completely free of synthetic chemicals.


Fragrances: The heart of puroBIO Home

The 8 fragrances were chosen after careful selection and improvement work.

In each of these 8 fragrances we have identified 3 basic characteristics:

The first characteristic required for these perfumes was the composition: the fragrance had to be made of 100% organic and natural substances.

The second characteristic was to be the durability and persistence: our fragrances must be able to last, and resist in the environment for a remarkably long period of time.

Third characteristic: the pleasantness.

Perhaps this is a more subjective than objective concept such as composition and duration, but it is undoubtedly the way to put our signature.

We have chosen 8 very different fragrances, to be able to satisfy the tastes of those who choose us, or the needs that will arise from the use of perfumers in certain environments.

This is why we have divided the fragrances into two categories:

Energizing and Relaxing

The division became necessary because each fragrance has its own precise function, and therefore it will be better to place it in one environment rather than another.

4 perfect fragrances to reactivate.
Bright colors and strong fragrances that stimulate creativity and joy, and promote concentration.
4 fragrances with strong and persistent base notes, with the guarantee of breathing organic certified fragrances.

Discover the 4 perfect fragrances to end a long day in relaxation
Certain odors and colors can activate bio-chemical processes within our body, capable of infusing a sense of well-being and stillness and recalling distant memories.
A selection of fragrances and shades useful to rediscover harmony and balance of body and spirit, with the guarantee of breathing bio-certified fragrances.

The Biological candle of the puroBIO home line is composed of a blend of Biological Waxes with the addition of a 100% natural fragrance.

The Bio wax blend is composed of: coconut waxPalm tree waxAlba wax and Carnauba wax.

The glass in which the candle is contained is absolutely recyclable and reusable, while the wick and its support will be inserted in the waste sorting.

Format: 120 ml / Duration 20 hours

The Candles are cetified Bio by CCPB.

puroBIO Home Fragrance candles are available in 8 different fragrances identifiable thanks to the 8 different colors of labels and packs.