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From the puroBIO experience comes the professional Kingsize Lip Pencil. Precise as a pencil and enveloping as a lipstick.

Thanks to the natural oils contained in it, the mine is soft and smooth, excellent all-over, applying it on the eyes like eyeshadow, on cheeks like blush, on the lips for contour and filling.

The product is Nickel tested and is certified organic by ccpb.

The lipstick kingsize pencil n. 17 and n. 24 are Vegan Ok.

For lips with a volumized appearance, outline the lips externally with the pencil n. 02 and blend with the fingertip, this will give light and help in the application of the lipliner avoiding smudging.

Then apply the lipliner half a millimeter to the outside of the natural contour of the lips, proceed with filling with lipstick as usual.

For the use of the lip kingsize pencil as a blush we recommend applying a little on the back of the hand, taking it either with the sponge blender or with the brush n. 03 and then proceed with the application on the face.


It is also possible to tap the product on the cheeks with the fingers.


Main ingredients:
Apricot Oil, Soy Oil