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DERMANATURA PRODUCTS - Professional and Maintenance Line


Dermanatura, the brand of the new cosmetics line, has the will and experience of chemical-pharmaceutical professionals, doctors, nutritionists and beauticians in various but complementary professional experiences. Training programs, of honesty, respectability, availability and effectiveness, ensure the highest level of professionalism for professionals.

The team of experts allows the employees of the institutions to characterize their customers. The staff of the institute are trained and accompanied by the team of DIBA Group Srls, who are regularly transmitted from the medical and aesthetic sector.

The experience, which is in competition with DIBA Group Srl, has enabled the application and marketing of new generation cosmeceutical products, enzymatic masks and a specific manufacture of electromedical products.

The cosmeceuticals contain the most common ingredients from medicinal plants grown using the biodynamic method and the right products such as pesticides, silicones, parabens, synthetic surfactants and petroleum derivatives.