Each product needs to be applied correctly and brushes are indispensable tools to get the most out of pure BIO products!

Brush n.01 – Powders
Brush with wide and soft bristles
The brush nr. 01 by PuroBio Cosmetics, with wide and soft bristles, it is ideal for the application of powders on face and body.
Suitable for face powder, earth, illuminant and other powders.

Brush n.02 – Earth / Blush
Soft and angled brush
PuroBio Cosmetics has designed the Brush nr. 02 to facilitate the application of make-up on cheekbones and small areas of the face.
Its angled shape allows you to define the shapes of the face, spreads and blurs in a professional manner blush, earth, illuminants, powders or any powdered product.

Brush n.03 – Foundation
Perfect for accurately applying fluid make up or compact powders and minerals

Brush n.04 – Corrector / Eyeshadows
Cat-shaped brush, medium size, with dense and compact bristles.
The brush n.04 of PuroBio Cosmetics has short, dense and compact bristles, which allow the precise and professional application of products with a creamy consistency.
Versatile to apply correctors and eye shadows, especially those with a bright finish.

Brush n.05 – small details
Small, flat brush with semi-rigid bristles.
PuroBio Cosmetics created the Brush nr. 05 to facilitate the application of make-up in small areas both on the eyes and on the face.
The shape of its flat and rounded bristles, allows you to create fine lines, light points and details of precision.

Brush n.06 – Lipstick
Flat, small, pointed bristle brush.
PuroBio Cosmetics has created the Brush n. 06 to outline the lips perfectly and fill them in a precise and flawless way. The thin and elongated tip allows the precision in defining the contours and fluidity in coloring the lips, the more controlled and simple application.

Brush n.07 – Powder Eyeshadows
Flat brush with soft bristles
The Brush n. 07 pureBIO Cosmetics has soft rounded bristles, if used flat, it is ideal for homogeneously spreading the eyeshadows, if used for cutting it is ideal to define the contours, and to shade both eyeshadows and pencils.

Brush n.08 – soft flame hue
Its specific flame shape allows you to blend the eyeshadow in a simple and fast way.
With this brush it is possible to create very light shadings or, by passing it on the already made eye make-up, to eliminate possible inaccuracies, uniforming it and creating a particularly natural effect.
The consistency of the yarn and its shape guarantee a broad and homogeneous coverage.
Perfect for making smokey eyes.
Useful also for the application / nuance of powders and cream products for the face such as powders, eye shadows, soil and correctors.

Brush n.09 – Rounded Angled
Its particular round shape, oblique and rounded at the tip, allows you to blend, reaching, with extreme ease, the most difficult and delicate areas of the face, allowing effects of chiaroscuro and evocative play of light, for a make-up made of continuous combinations and nuances.
The special consistency of the yarn makes it very versatile and therefore suitable for the drafting of both powder and cream products.
Excellent for: correctors, eye shadows, powders and earths. Perfect for achieving precision contouring.

Brush n.10 – BBCREAM sculpting tapered
This brush is revealed, from the first use, “the ideal ally” for the application of BBcream SUBLIME pure BIO cosmetics.
Its shape, tapered, accompanied by a soft and flexible yarn facilitates the application and the nuance of the products for the base, giving a uniform, fresh and natural effect.
Effective also for sculpting, in particular using cream products.

This brush is the “must have” to sculpt and define the facial features. Its shape, angled, with a rounded cut, accompanied by a soft and flexible yarn, is specially designed to facilitate the application and the nuance of the products for sculpting , like blush and bronzer, respecting the facial lines, giving a homogeneous and nuanced effect.
Also effective for applying the face base with powdered and creamy or liquid textured products.

Brush n.12 – Contouring Flat
This brush has been designed and designed for all facial contouring techniques.
The particular flat shape, combined with the right consistency of the yarn, allows you to sculpt the facial lines.
It lends itself to products like earth and illuminants, which can be applied with precision using cutting and shaded by rotating the brush so as to spread the color to perfection.
The flat and intuitive handle, allows manageability, technicality but also particular ease in application and definition (both pure application and nuance).