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Mascara Double Dream

One applicator, two effects.

A full-bodied, super-black and enveloping texture will transform your eyelashes into a DREAM!
This mascara breaks the law of gravity by raising the lashes and curving them.
Thanks to the silicone applicator the product is smoothed evenly and manages to reach even the smallest and finest eyelashes for a super precise result.
You decide how much to dream!
The first application for an accurate and elegant effect
The second for a more intense and sexy effect
The third application for a shamelessly and magnificently larger-than-life look!
Its formulation is bursting with active ingredients!
ORGANIC beeswax and carnauba wax guarantee support for the lashes, while ORGANIC cornflower extract, Argan oil and castor oil nourish the lashes thanks to their reinforcing and nourishing properties.

The product is Nickel tested and certified organic by CCPB.


Sunset Fix & Fresh Make-up Mist

fix & fresh make-up mist.

A make-up fixer and a refreshing facial essence in just one product.
It is suitable for all skin types!
It fixes make-up for a long time thanks to organic glycerine and alcohol and is very useful for the wet application of powdered products such as eye shadows, blush and foundation.
Its formula enriched with chamomile and organic mango extract is made even more effective by hyaluronic acid with moisturising and plumping properties.
The 100ml format has been specifically designed to guarantee real ease of use and allows it to be carried in your bag, beauty case or suitcase hassle free!
The spray is really effective! Spray just enough of the product without wetting your face.
It can also be used as a toner to look after your skin.
For extra durability we recommend applying it before and after make-up.
You can spray it throughout the day, simply to refresh yourself.
Spray 20 cm from your face with eyes closed.

The product is Nickel tested, vegan friendly and certified organic by CCPB.


BacktoBlack: puroBIO returns to its origins with the New Long Lasting Pencil

puroBIO goes back to black.

PuroBIO’s First Long Lasting

What is puroBIO Long Lasting?
The puroBIO Long Lasting is an organic, tested and certified long-lasting eye pencil.
The duration of this new biological black pencil is about 8 hours if used as an eyeliner on the eyelid. Obviously the puroBIO Long Lasting can also be used as a kajal in the inner rhyme of the eye.

Seeing is believing!